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AC360, CNN (anchor)
60 Minutes, CBS (correspondent)

Dispatches from the Edge: a Memoir of War, Disasters, and Survival (2006)

- Few people have witnessed more scenes of chaos and conflict around the world than Anderson Cooper, whose groundbreaking coverage on CNN has changed the way we watch the news. In this gripping, candid, and remarkably powerful memoir, he offers an unstinting, up-close view of the most harrowing crises of our time, and the profound impact they have had on his life.

We are not showing pictures or video of grieving families [of MH370 passengers]. We all know what grief looks like.
- Anderson Cooper, AC360


the most civilized exchange on twitter

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It is in the family that we learn almost all we ever know of loving. In my sons’ youth, their promise, their possibilities, my stake in immortality is invested.
- Wyatt Cooper (father to Anderson Cooper)


Wyatt Cooper (1927-1978)

Khalil Abdallah: Our last show in Kiev. Heading home.

I’m not a big believer in telling people what they should think or care about. People can decide for themselves. I’m not going to tell them to eat their broccoli. People have a lot of stuff, enough stuff, going on in their lives for me to tell them that. My job is to accurately describe what a place is like, what people are going through, and let [viewers] make up their own minds. As a storyteller, I know the best stories, like Africa or Sarajevo or Haiti, are the ones where you step out of the way and let the stories, the voices, the sounds tell it. It’s all happening in front of you.
- Anderson Cooper [x]
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Anderson Cooper On Reporting From Kiev: 'Barricades' and 'Bottles' Still At The Ready

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Anderson Cooper is in Kiev as the Ukraine situation escalates.
He joined Wolf Blitzer in the 1pm ET hour. [x]

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WWHL Green Room Reflections: Anderson Cooper [x]

HBO has been doing a documentary on me, so [my son] Anderson [Cooper] and I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a long conversation, which HBO taped.
- Gloria Vanderbilt on celebrating her 90th birthday [x]
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