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AC360, CNN (anchor)
60 Minutes, CBS (correspondent)

Dispatches from the Edge: a Memoir of War, Disasters, and Survival (2006)

- Few people have witnessed more scenes of chaos and conflict around the world than Anderson Cooper, whose groundbreaking coverage on CNN has changed the way we watch the news. In this gripping, candid, and remarkably powerful memoir, he offers an unstinting, up-close view of the most harrowing crises of our time, and the profound impact they have had on his life.

Anderson Cooper attends opening of Lovegun,  a new gay bar in Brooklyn; opened by his partner.

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Watch Anderson Cooper accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge HERE!
(Picture by @instsavas)

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper To Appear In Marvel Comic Book

“I found that he (Anderson Cooper) was a comic book fan and reader and shared some of my work with him over a year ago,” he says. “Then as we were strategizing upcoming issues of BLACK WIDOW I had this idea for an opportunity to involve him directly in the book. He was thrilled with the idea and we were thrilled that he was thrilled and so we set about setting the issue up and going through the steps for approval. Fortunately, it was all nice and easy and everybody involved was excited about the idea.” [x]

Anderson Cooper confirms he will broadcast a special two hour live edition of AC360 from Ferguson tonight.

CNN, 8-10pm est. [x]

FYI: Anderson Cooper has been spotted in Ferguson.

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Spotted: The UCLA-DRC team with Anderson Cooper in Kinshasa. (via @arimoin)

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Finding Your Roots: Season Two Preview
The basic drive to discover who we are and where we come from is at the core of the hit PBS series "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr." Enjoy a preview of the exciting second season of “Finding Your Roots,” premiering September 23, 2014.

Gates explores the history of the Vanderbilt family with Anderson Cooper

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BFF’s Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa visit the Bravo clubhouse.